Patient Handling Ferno 28-Z PROFlexx Chair Cot The New 28Z PROFlexx Chair Cot provides maximum versatility in any environment. The maneuverability and flexibility of transforming from a chair to cot allows you to respond in difficult environments such as tight hallways, narrow staircases, and small elevators without transferring the patient. The 28Z's light weight, superior stability and load capacity, and flexible handling features reduce situations that may cause injury to you or your patient. PROFlexx Z Features: · Pull out side handles provide additional lift points when descending stairs or using assistance for heavy patients and when loading into the ambulance. · Swing up undercarriage allows One-Man loading and unloading of empty cot and allows both operators to bear patient load from foot-end when loading cot. · Two swivel and two stationary 6" wheels provide easy rolling over all surfaces and superior single person steering control. · With the chair position, operators have the smallest footprint of any cot in the market for response in confined environments and structures. · The 28 Z Cot has a 1000 lbs load capacity (in the flat position) and a 700 lb carrying capacity (in the transport position). · All metal, aluminum frame construction. No plastic parts to wear out or fail. Powder coated frame available in Rescue Red or Electric Blue. Specifications: Chair Positions · Height Maximum: 55 in/140 cm · Overall Width: 25 in/64 cm · Depth: 48 in/122 cm Cot Positions Height: · Loading Position: 26 in/66 cm · Patient Level Position: 33 in/84 cm · Folded Bed Position: 9 in/23 cm Length: ·Transport: 75 in/191 cm · Folded: 80 in/203 cm Width (Overall): 25 in/66 cm Load Limit: 700 lb/317 kg Weight: 69 lb/31 kg Bariatric Load Limit: 1,000 lb/455 kg Ferno POWERFlexx Powered Cot The new POWERFlexx from Ferno allows an operator to raise or lower a patient with only the touch of a button. When using the POWERFlexx lift assist operation, the cot will lift the weight of the patient. This is the key to eliminating scenarios where attendants may injure their back. The POWERFlexx can lift more weight than any other lift-assist cot on the market today. Derived from the 35-A and 35-P Proflexx, the POWERFlexx uses an X-frame design for raising and lowering the patient. It provides a smooth lift of the patient using two cylinders to evenly lift the cot. The weight of the patient is taken off of the attendant and put onto the cot mechanism. The POWERFlexx has infinite height adjustment within its operating range. It also has the highest load height of any cot on the market, thereby allowing easier loading into vehicles with higher floor heights. Features · 700 lb. lifting capacity -- highest lifting strength to weight ratio · Highest load height of any cot on the market Product Specifications · Length: Maximum: 83" (211 cm) Minimum: 61" (155 cm) · Width: 24" (61 cm) · Bed Height Range: 13"- 41" (33-104 cm) · Max Loading Height: 34" (84 cm) · Weight: 132 lb. (60 kg) · Load Limit: Loading Position: 700 lb. (318 kg), Lowest Position: 1000 lb. (450 kg) · Power: 24 VDC · Powder-coated frame available in rescue red and electric blue Call/See Website For Pricing. Call/See Website For Pricing. V.E. RALPH 1-800-526-1196 · 43
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