Patient Handling Ferno Stair Chair, Model 42 Designed for small storage compartments, the Model 42 Stair Chair functions well in confined areas such as narrow hallways and multiple-landing, narrow stairways. Vinyl-coated nylon cover is stain resistant and easy to maintain. Leg strap serves as patient restraint and also keeps stair chair in folded position during storage. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame. Non-slip hand grips on all carry handles. Three quick release patient-restraints. Two stationary 4" wheels (rear) and two 2" front guide wheels. Ferno Stair Chair Model 40-OS Has two 5" stationary wheels in the rear to move patients over most surfaces easily. Four lifting handles with non-slip handgrips make lifting and moving the patient safer and easier. Seat is made of vinyl-coated nylon. Has two quickrelease restraints which securely hold the patient. Measures 35 5/16" H x 19.5" W. Weighs 16 lbs. F/W 40-OS...............................Call/See Website for Pricing 16-000042 ..............................Call/See Website for Pricing Ferno EZ Glide Evacuation Stair Chair Can be used as a stair chair, evacuation chair and transport chair. With a 500 lb. load capacity, it's ideal for bariatric patient transport. The track system allows the attendant to glide the chair down stairs without lifting and carrying. Lots of clearance for easy turns on carpets. New option is a IV Pole with two raised positions. · 500 lb load capacity · All metal construction w/ABS panels for durability · 7/8" track to ground clearance provides easier maneuverability over all surfaces. · 512 square inches of patient surface with extending footrest provides improved patient comfort and security · Ergonomic, four position lift bar and handles reduce strain of lifting for operators of various heights · 6" rear wheels do not collect debris and provides an easier transport over rough terrain · Choose from one of four restraint systems · Available in Rescue Red or Electric Blue Ferno Stair Chair, Model 40 Includes all of the convenience and safety features of Model 42 Stair Chair. Model 40 also features telescoping front carrying handles to help improve rescuer balance while carrying the patient. Handles fold out of the way for easy storage. Has two stationary 5" wheels. 16-000040 ..............................Call/See Website for Pricing PT5900 EZ Glide ......................Call/See Website for Pricing 48 1-800-526-1196 · V.E. RALPH
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